Hum is happy to announce the surprise release of their new album, "Inlet" out June 23, 2020, on Matt Talbot's Earth Analog Records. The album is available for digital download on bandcamp and physical pre-orders are up on polyvinyl records webstore. Inlet is Hum’s first new album since their 1998 swan song Downward Is Heavenward. Band members Matt Talbott and Tim Lash co-produced it with the Urbana producer James Treichler. The album sounds like the natural progression from their last LP, and sounds as if the band hasn't skipped a beat. At first listen, Inlet sounds like it fits right alongside the rest of Hum’s catalog — the kind of epic, heavy, beautiful fuzzed out rock, that has influenced so many of the newer bands of the last two decades.

Intel album artPurchaseJune 23rd, 2020