March 4th, 2022


Austin-based dreampop / shoegaze legends, Letting Up Despite Great Faults are gearing up to release their forthocoming LP titled "IV", their first album in 8 years, on March 4th, 2022.

Members Mike Lee (vocals, guitar), Kent Zambrana (bass), Annah Fisette (vocals, guitar), and Daniel Schmidt (drums) — return a changed group. The band's forthcoming full-length IV is the band's first album in eight years and investigates personal narratives around growth, loss, regret, and renewal. The process required more of Lee, as the principal songwriter. "I think when you search deeper, and you've had more life experiences, there is maturation from which to pull,” explained Lee. “But hopefully, the creativity feels a little bit richer. I don't want to say IV is necessarily darker than our previous work, but I think there's more of an awareness of mortality, the mortality of everyone else. You reflect more about the people you love, why you love, how long you love."

Sonically, the group's sound also explores a more aggressive, forward-leaning approach, wherein Lee elected to break the shoegaze/indiepop hermetic shield of synths and filtering. For IV, Lee realized the agency of his voice, thrusting it forward, where it was once "an instrument" in Letting Up's gauzy yet layered expanse of sound. The cascading 'Corners Pressed' delves into how particular events are remembered from separate viewpoints, essentially becoming unique, reality-altering memories for each during recall. 'Gemini' features Lee leaning into his vocal talent, separating from the gorgeous swells. The track's lyrics investigate how ostensibly impossible and incredible lasting relationships exist within an increasingly transient world. "We know that everything is temporary," said Lee. "But somehow, we tie this never-ending existence to our connection with each other."