Shoegaze up-and-comers, Joyer, have announced their new album, Night Songs, due out April 26th from Hit the North Records and Julia's War. The Brooklyn-and-Boston-based duo is made up of multi-instrumentalist brothers Nick and Shane Sullivan, and with Night Songs the siblings have create an instantly satisfying amalgam of swirling guitars and memorable melodies that's sure to please fans of all things dreamy. Recorded by Bradford Krieger (Horse Jumper of Love, Squirrel Flower) at Big Nice Studios, Night Songs perfectly captures Joyer's blend of otherworldly mood and crunchy guitars, as well as a notably more hook-driven direction in the brothers' songwriting. The upcoming album marks a departure from the more hushed slowcore of 2020's Sun Into Flies and 2021's Perfect Gray, displaying a more expansive sound—from blowtorched guitars and overtly catchy vocal cadences, to melancholy synths and pastoral lap steel. The songwriting duties are split evenly between Nick and Shane, but there’s a palpable cohesion in their music, a unified vision that’s always guided the project and continues even with the siblings living in different cities. “We grew up in this small suburban town and there weren’t too many people interested in music so it was convenient to just play with each other and we’ve always had pretty much the same music tastes,” Shane explains. “I just feel like when I’m in a band with Shane I don’t have to compromise,” Nick adds. “Being brothers allows us to be really honest and have a lot of productive criticism because we’re so comfortable with one another, we don’t have to hold back and it helps us achieve what we’re going for.” Night Songs, is an instantly satisfying amalgam of swirling shoegaze guitars and memorable melodies–all while the duo examines the allure of night and its ability to shapeshift from a mirror for our innermost demons to a shield from the demands of daily drudgery.