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April 14th, 2023


Dayton, Ohio indie/emo outfit Minor ‘Love will release their new self-titled EP on April 14, 2023 via Acrobat Unstable, the same label who they put out their last LP titled "Good But Not Great." Utilizing their modern take on 90's indie rock, along with the midwest emo and indie-punk tendencies that were found all over previous releases, Minor 'Love has certainly been taking their time to craft a new and unique sound with their upcoming EP. The bands lead off track and most recent single God's Design is a perfect display of Minor 'Love's attention to detail with an immediate and explosive first verse leading into a catchy chorus, with a memorable guitar melody, and a well placed shouty vocal lead to break up the pop structure and melodic singing in the main verses and chorus. The bridge in 'God's Design' calls back the heavier emo/alt rock sounds of the early 2000s, vocally and musically sounding very similar to the band Recover. 'Stratosphere', the previously released single from the new EP has a more traditional midwestern emo sound with more technical guitar noodling driving the main melody of the song, similar to bands of the 5th wave emo revival like Charmer, Gulfer, Ben Quad, Arm's Length and the like. The album is now streaming everywhere so be sure to check this one out.