Rest Assured

Mirrortalk, a relatively new band from Birmingham, UK play the kind of loud anthemic alternative rock fueled by heavy guitars, layers of distortion and reverb, big melodies, and catchy hooks, that would not have been out of place in the heyday of 90s alternative heavy radio rock or 120 minutes (if anyone remembers that late night show on MTV featuring the latest alternative rock and indie bands). They are about to release their sophomore EP titled "Rest Assured" on March 27, 2024. The EP will contain 5 new songs that double down on all of their influences, while still establishing their own thing, and follows their 4 song debut EP "I Didn't Mean To Make It This Far", also well worth streaming below while waiting on their sophomore release.

Mirrortalk join a new crop of UK bands combining elements of alternative rock and metal, shoegaze and grunge pop, fitting right along side more recent UK bands like Split Chain, Oversize and Mercury who are all part of the same scene, and I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see them join Outbreak Fest in future lineups. And while Mirrotalk isn't doing much new to break from the mold, the songs all rock, are super catchy and well worth the listen. Influences are clearly drawn from already established bands in this whole 90s heavy and melodic alt-rock/shoegaze/grunge-revival sound that Basement, Superheaven, Nothing, Narrow Head and Teenage Wrist have all been doing for quite awhile. Bands who are not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, and are set on bringing heavy guitar music back to the forefront, all while paying homage to their heroes from the 90s. There are definitely a lot of bands doing this right now, attempting to combine the sounds of The Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Hum, Swervedriver, Catherine Wheel and the like, and it's getting harder and harder to differentiate one from the other. However, if you like this sound and many of the aforementioned bands currently playing this style of music like I do, I highly recommend adding Mirrotalk to the list. In the meantime, latest single "Real Love" and lead-off single "Decay" from the forthcoming EP are streaming below. About "Decay", the band had this to say...“Decay” is the first single from the upcoming EP. A self reflective song that leaves you melancholic, nostalgic and full of adrenaline. Decay plays on the hard hitting conventions of rock and grunge, combined with the soul searching atmospherics of shoegaze. Since it’s release it’s been added into multiple Spotify editorial playlists, including “Adrenaline” and “All New Rock” which has given us a much wider listener base, and is something we’re super proud of."

The two singles should give you a taste of what to expect, however, once the EP drops in full, I highly recommend blasting the volume on the heaviest track called "Things I Don't Feel" which closes out this new 5 song collection in spectacular fashion. Rest Assured, you will be nodding your head to this shit.