The critically acclaimed Copenhagen melodic indie punk band Molly has just released a new album titled "Charter" on February 16, 2024 via Bad Morning Records after almost 5 years of silence! On their new album 'Charter' they really show how an honest rock band should sound in the year of 2024. Over time Malte Hill and co. have shaped and polished their expression and found their own distinct sound. Their songs always come straight from the heart, and whether they hit you with a blast of rock or one of their more contemplative songs, you will always find a catchy tune at the center of it all. Being one of the few bands in Denmark playing this genre, MOLLY have insistently kept putting out records and playing gigs since 2012. No bullshit, no wish of glorified fame. Just, 1,2,3 and play. Their "classic" and characteristic fast booming drums, fuzzy guitars, great melodies and Malte Hill's slack drooling vocals moving on top of it all, is still hypnotizing and leave one longing for more. Fans of 90s sounding fuzzed out jangly melodic indie, power-pop and punk rock in the vein of Dinosaur Jr., Sugar, Mega City Four, and Superchunk will love this stuff.