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January 19th, 2024


Neck Deep release politically charged anthem "We Need More Bricks" from forthcoming LP


November 16, 2023 - UK-rock band Neck Deep have shared their newest single “We Need More Bricks” from their upcoming self-titled album, Neck Deep, via Hopeless Records. An inspiring politically charged anthem, “We Need More Bricks” hits with explosive instrumentals and thought-provoking lyrics that hopefully leave listeners energized to never stop fighting for what is right. ‘We Need More Bricks is, in my opinion, Neck Deep at their political best,” shares vocalist Ben Barlow. “Touching on everything from the monarchy, immigration, protest laws and international wars. We find ourselves at a cross section in the zeitgeist where bricks could be used to build something, or to be destructive. I’m calling on punks and those that want to make a difference, to do so. As well as being our most poignant political track to date, it also features my favourite riff/ breakdown we’ve ever written, with a mosh call that, I hope, makes the listener think about their role in the world, and to speak up, take action on the many injustices the world faces today. I’m looking forward to playing this one live the most of any track on the record. If this one doesn’t get you moving then maybe Jason Derulo is more up your street.”

Stream the new single below, along with the three previously released singles from the forthcoming LP due out this January. This sounds like a true return to form to Neck Deep's brand of nostalgic high energy anthemic pop punk, with the album shaping up to be great pop punk record to kick off 2024 with.

RIYL: Knuckle Puck, The Story So Far, Real Friends, The Wonder Years

By Jason Gordon
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UK-rock band Neck Deep have announced their upcoming self-titled album Neck Deep, set for release on January 19, 2024, via Hopeless Records. “We’re so stoked to announce our new self made, self titled record,” shares vocalist Ben Barlow. “With a return to roots approach, we made this record ourselves at our warehouse in North Wales, with Seb at the helm, and the rest of us over his shoulder, like it was at the start.”

Alongside the announcement, Neck Deep have shared their newest single “It Won’t Be Like This Forever.” On the track, Barlow shares, “’It Won’t Be Like This Forever’ came around really easily and naturally. We wrote the chorus just by chance while working on another song and it ended up being our favorite song on the record. We wrote it the first time we got together after covid, down in Wales. I guess at the time we were thinking that ‘it won’t be like this forever’ (guess we were right) but as time has gone on the world has been presented with a whole slew of other problems and so it’s maintained its relevance. You can view it through that lens or you can zoom in and make it more personal, which I ended up doing. Meaning that the tough times don’t always last and having someone to help you through those times is a beautiful part of life and love. It’s a love song, a hope song, and a self-improvement song all in one!”

The accompanying music video captivates the audience by giving us a garage performance from Neck Deep creatively weaving the symbolism of paper airplanes into a colorful narrative that bridges the gap between distant hearts. The vibrant colored video (filled with fan favorite “easter eggs”) reminds people that they can persevere through difficulties because change and better days are on the horizon.

The new album encompasses everything Neck Deep have excelled at across their career, enhanced and dialed to eleven. From the bouncing bombast of “Dumbstruck, Dumbf**k” and the ripping intensity of “Sort Yourself Out”, to the poetic introspection of “They Don’t Mean To (But They Do)”, it’s an album that boasts a song for almost any occasion (including, in recent single “Take Me With You”, the impending alien invasion).