Never Before Seen, Never Again Found

Arm's Length
Never Before Seen, Never Again Found

October 28th, 2022


Ontario emo band Arm's Length ready debut LP


Ontario emo-rockers just dropped the lead single "Object Permanence" from their forthcoming debut LP titled "Never Before Seen, Never Again Found", set for release this October. The official video for the single can be streamed below, and if it's any indication of what's to come, the new Arm's Length album is bound to put these guys on the map. I knew this band was onto something when they sent me an advance of their self released EP "Everything Nice" last year that we covered, and I was instantly hooked on their heart on your sleeve emotional punk anthems with massive hooks. Like the EP, the new single hearkens back to the emo/post-hardcore of the early/mid-2000s, and picks up right where they left off, only bigger and even better than before. With a debut full length around the corner and a tour with Super American and Young Culture this fall, it won't be long before emo revival kids and elder-emos are shouting these songs back with fists in the air, the same way we all did when Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line, Armor For Sleep, Matchbook Romance, Finch and bands of that ilk (and especially the Drive Thru Records era of bands) first came onto the scene. There's no reason why Arm's Length won't rise to success the same way Hot Mulligan and some of the more recent bands of this 5th wave emo revival have in the past few years. I look forward to hearing this album in full and hope it lives up to the hype! Look forward to sharing more thoughts closer to the release and be sure to scroll down and check out the new single and pre-save the album from the pre-order link.

By Jason Gordon
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Arm’s Length have announced their debut full-length album Never Before Seen, Never Again Found, due for release on October 28 via Wax Bodega. The upcoming album, produced by Anton DeLost (Seaway, Bearings, Stage Hands), is everything that captured the attention of curious listeners from the band’s first EPs but elevated - from the heart wrenching themes to the nostalgic emo sound present throughout the 11 track endeavor.

“Never Before Seen, Never Again Found tells a story from start to finish,’” explains vocalist and guitarist Allen Steinberg. “It’s a combination of sounds and topics we’ve experimented with before, but we think we’ve taken things to another level through song structure and more vivid storytelling. We truly hope anyone listening can relate to these songs and feel something when they listen.”

Alongside the announcement, Arm’s Length has shared the lead single from the album “Object Permanence”. On the track, Steinberg explains, “This is one of our darkest and most heavy songs yet. We still sought out to keep all of the melodic aspects and tried to get better at storytelling in our lyrics. We hope you can resonate with the song in some shape, way, or form. Blue beyond belief, baby.”

Fans can watch the music video for “Object Permanence” now.

About the LP:

Never Before Seen, Never Again Found is the debut LP from Quinte West, Ontario band Arm’s Length. Along with its title, titanic emo punk compositions, and melodic beauty, Never Before Seen, Never Again Found feels like a defining record of a new generation of emo because of where it’s from: three young people grappling with the brutality, confusion, and deep-rooted family traumas of 21st century life amid the funerals, farm fields, and stripmalls of a rural, small-town Ontario community, with little hope of getting out.