Kyoto, Japan emo rockers nim have released their latest EP "Mushy" on Austin, TX label Shifting Sounds Records (Magnet School, Startographers, Gentlemen Rogues, Swallow The Rat). The musicality of nim is based on emotional rock, but the songs are unconventional and full of melodies. The band uses mixed male and female vocals to perform a gentle but overwhelming live performance with their sound. nim has grown in harmony with the independent scene both domestically and internationally. So far, they have released 3 full-length albums and many other singles, and have also conducted large-scale overseas tours in Australia, China, and South Korea. Their new EP "Mushy" is being released by Shifting Sounds on 10" Classic Black Vinyl + MP3 in N. America, UK, and Europe & being released by FABTONE in Japan, China, and the rest of the Asia territory. Check out the new EP and official video for the title track below.

Japan has a number of up and coming bands paying homage to 90s emo, shoegaze and dream pop and nim should definitely be in the discussion. On their new EP "Mushy" the band further their emotionally charged alternative rock with a melodic and dreamy landscape. The songs are driven by chiming layered guitars and clean vocal harmonies under an indie pop song structure with lots of quiet to loud dynamics, often ending in climatic guitar explosions while sounding beautiful all at once. The band clearly draws inspiration from 90s sounding emo, shoegaze, dream pop, and jangly indie/emo rock are are not afraid to showcase these influences in their songwriting on the new EP.