One More DayClearbody

Charlotte, North Carolina's shoegaze meets emo-rockers Clearbody are gearing up for the release of their crushing debut LP titled "One More Day" set to release December 4th, 2020 on Smartpunk Records. Clearbody's sound sits somewhere between Hum and early Sunny Day Real Estate, combining elements of shoegaze, fuzzed out 90s indie-rock / post-hardcore, post-grunge and melodic emo-punk, that can hold its own with any of the new crop of bands taking influence from these sounds. They fit right along side bands like Title Fight, Basement, Modern Color, Gleemer, and Nothing to name a few. The songs are loud, noisy, melodic, and explosive, while sounding meloncholy and anthemic at the same time. Don't sleep on this and stream the first few pre-released singles below. 

One More Day album artPurchaseDecember 4th, 2020