You’re in both dreams (and you’re scared)

Parisian indie rockers, PÆRISH have unveiled details surrounding their forthcoming new album ‘You’re in both dreams (and you’re scared)’, to be released August 18, 2023 via SideOneDummy Records. The album was produced by Will Yip. With the announcement, the band has also released the first single and new music video for “Houses Of American Style”, which can be found on the new album and streamed below.

The title of the album can be found in David Lynch’s classic 2001 film ‘Mulholland Drive’. It’s a line spoken by one of the two men having a conversation in that movie’s incongruous diner scene. PÆRISH vocalist/guitarist Mathias Court was watching the movie for maybe the tenth time last year, and that line stood out to him like it never had before, because it resonated exactly with how he was feeling. “It really made me think about how my life was divided into two things,” he explains. “I was trying to live for the music, but at the same time have a good job, and ended up burning out. I was having a very rough year, and watching that scene really made me think about how my life was divided, and I was struck by that line because it really felt that that’s what was going on in my life. So watching the movie again kind of decided the name of the album for me.

”The new album follows 2021’s ‘Fixed it All’, also produced by Yip. "…The second I heard PÆRISH, I knew it was going to be a home run if we worked together,” he explained. Getting to collaborate with them was an incredible experience. Their passion in their craft was infectious. They deserve to be huge. Honest, real, but massive songs."

This album disproves the very anxieties and insecurities that inspired it. It opens with the solemn, heavy beauty of “Sequoia”, a song that’s simultaneously comforting and frenzied, beautiful and harrowing. It’s on the next track, “Daydreaming”, that crunching, heavy riffs PÆRISH have made their own, appear in full force, but afterwards they’re found throughout. “Amanita” is an overwhelming surge of tortured emotion that pulsates menacingly, the melancholy “it only bothers you” feels like it carries the entire burden of humanity on its shoulders, while “Houses Of American Style”, “Brian Wilfuzz” and “Worry” all sound like timeless classics from American alternative music’s heyday – albeit imbued with PÆRISH’s own distinct sparkle. It’s not all crushing riffs, however – in addition to “Sequoia”, “The Luck You Had” and final song “My Every Step” are moments of tender grace and beauty. It all combines to make this the album the band have been striving to make.

“Writing for ‘You're in both dreams (and you're scared)’, I had never felt much confidence in recording an album as it all seemed so natural to us. Even more so when we arrived in Philly to work for the second time with our friend Will Yip,” continues Court.. “We already knew each other and the songwriting ideas were flowing all the time. Despite having one of the darkest songs we ever had, we had the absolute best time doing it together and we now feel we may have reached our final form as a band. These songs both feel heavier but also more spontaneous as everything just felt so right all the time. I think people will be able to see the evolution between each album we have and that's something we can be extremely proud of.”

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Paerish - You're in Both Dreams (and you're scared) - Album Review / First Impressions

Fusing 90s alternative rock and shoegaze with early 2000s emo and pop punk, Parisian rockers Paerish return with their 3rd LP titled “You’re in Both Dreams (and you’re scared)” and it does not disappoint. From an initial listen, it’s apparent that their sound has evolved a long way from its early pop-punk leaning origins of their debut LP “Semi-Finalists”, and where their sophomore LP “Fixed it All” only hinted at where the band could take its sound next, it’s on “You’re in Both Dreams...” where Paerish has truly found their sweet spot. On their 3rd LP, Paerish are firing on all cylinders, sounding more confident than ever, with songs ranging from slow burning emo-tinged dream pop, to full on 90s alternative radio rock, with big wall of guitar sounds and anthemic hooks to go with it. The album ebbs and flows with varying degrees of tempo, emotion, and melody, ranging from the somber and slow paced build up of the opening track “Sequoia,” to the head bobbing dreamy yet crunchy alternative rock bounce of “Daydreaming”, one of the catchiest and most riff crushing songs on the record. Here, the band double down on their brand of melodic 90s inspired heavy yet dreamy emo-tinged alternative rock, with a monster hook chorus to go along with it. Like many of the songs on the new LP, “Daydreaming” is driven by its melodic guitar riff, heavy bass groove and pounding drum beat that’s impossible not to nod your head or jump up and down with. About the song, the band states “Daydreaming has always felt like the biggest live opener while working on the album. It's a song we're really looking forward to playing on tour. There is this amazing dynamic we love between these dreamy verses and that huge noisy chorus that comes afterwards.” That about sums it up perfectly, and I’m hopeful Paerish will get to the USA for some touring, so I can witness this in person! Other standout rockers on the album include “House of American Style”, “Worry”, and “Still There”, which all sound like they were pulled directly from 90s alternative guitar rock's heyday, the type of loud anthemic songs that flooded the radio waves and had kids jumping up and down in the pit at radio festivals in the late 90s.

However, it's not all bouncy, loud and in your face throughout the record. There are some very tender moments on the album, laced in emo balladry, where the band is at its most vulnerable. Here the songs rely more on a whispered vocal delivery and quieter backdrop of the instrumentation, with ringing guitars drenched in delay and reverb, rather than the loud overdrive distortion and sing-along melodies they’ve previously been known for. This is especially evident in songs like “The Luck You Had” and one of my personal favorites, album closer “My Every Step,” which proves to be the perfect bookend to this album, as the song slowly fades out. These slow burners are the perfect addition to their new LP, creating more diversity and range of emotion throughout the album, to break up any potential for repetition, yet still contain Paerish’s trademark melodies and accessible hooks. The new album showcases some of their heaviest and catchiest moments both lyrically and musically, and at the same time, some of the quietest and most spacious songs they’ve ever written, giving the album a chance to breathe. And to top it off, you have Will Yip’s masterful production, which once again, is pristine and the perfect complement to the band’s sound, bringing out the best in them.

Although there are many bands in the scene right now combing influences from 90s alt-rock, shoegaze, emo and grunge, Paerish still manage to distinguish themselves with their new LP, while taking some new risks. Are they breaking any new ground, certainly not, but I’m Ok with that. At the end of the day, the songs are really good, and it’s clear that Paerish know how to write emotive, melodic, guitar centric alternative rock songs, that are both catchy and dynamic. The band has definitely found its sound with their 3rd LP, and have released perhaps their best, most cohesive, diverse, and catchiest collection of songs they’ve written to date. Well done guys!

RIYL: Teenage Wrist, Gleemer, Basement, Wayside, Dosser, Soul Blind, Ridgway, and Heavenward, along with all things 90s alt-rock, shoegaze/dreampop, post-grunge (Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, Failure, Third Eye Blind, Weezer) with a late 90s early 2000s emo/ pop-punk sheen to it (Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday)

Jason Gordon on Saturday, August 19, 2023

Paerish unleash 2 new singles from forthcoming LP

French alternative rock band Paerish have unleashed two new outstanding singles from their forthcoming 3rd LP, set to drop later this summer. You can stream the singles "House of American Style" and most recent single "Daydreaming" below, which double down on their brand of 90s inspired heavy yet dreamy emo-tinged alternative rock with big hooks to go along with the sense of nostalgia the songs bring with them. Both songs have huge catchy guitar melodies and a heavy low end groove that will make you want to move. And of course, Will Yip's pristine production make these songs sound huge without taking away from the emotion and edge.

“Daydreaming has always felt like the biggest live opener while working on the album,” says the band. “It's a song we're really looking forward to playing on tour. There is this amazing dynamic we love between these dreamy verses and that huge noisy chorus that comes afterwards.”

If these songs are any indication of what's to come, Paerish's 3rd LP may be their best yet, and that's saying a lot if you've heard Fixed it All, their amazing sophomore release.

Jason Gordon on Thursday, May 18, 2023

Paerish unveil final single "Still There" from forthcoming LP

Parisian indie rockers, PÆRISH have released a new song and music video for the single “Still There” found on their upcoming album ‘You’re in both dreams (and you’re scared)’, to be released August 18, 2023 via SideOneDummy Records. Stream the song below. This is the final new song to be released before the album is released in its entirety.

The band throws a summer house party and it’s all caught on camera thanks to an old school camcorder. As they explain “There’s a such a summer vibe to this song, which is why we decided to make the video reflect that. It was the last song written before going to the US to record with Will, so we went all out.”

“Still There” follows “The Luck You Had”, “Daydreaming” and “Houses Of American Style”, which both can be found on ‘You’re in both dreams (and you’re scared)’. All four videos from the singles can be streamed below.

Jason Gordon on Thursday, August 17, 2023

Paerish drop 3rd single from forthcoming LP

Parisian indie rockers, PÆRISH have released another new single and music video called “The Luck You Had” today, taken from their upcoming new album ‘You’re in both dreams (and you’re scared)’, to be released August 18, 2023 via SideOneDummy Records. You can stream the song below.

“This one might be the most unique on the album as we had to entirely re-write it in Philly with Will Yip,” says the band on the new single out today. “It was a completely different song when we brought it to him and he helped us make it new and intimate. I could never have imagined where it was going to go. This song will forever be attached to Studio 4.”

“The Luck You Had” follows “Daydreaming” and “Houses Of American Style”, which both can be streamed below, and will both appear on the forthcoming LP.

Jason Gordon on Thursday, August 17, 2023