Tired Radio

August 14th, 2020


Introducing...Tired Radio!

I don't remember how I stumbled across Tired Radio, but I'm glad I did! They're about to drop their debut LP titled "Patterns" on August 14 via Engineer Records, and I'm highly anticipating this one, and that's after only hearing the new single. These guys write the kind of emotionally driven and melodic anthemic punk rock with pop hooks that gets stuck in your head for days. If the new single "Making Plans" is any indication of how the rest of their debut LP will sound, I think we are in for a real summer treat! My understanding is that these songs were originally written by the primary songwriter Anthony Truzzolino and the full band was added later. Some of the songs had apparently been written for some time now. The full band sound of Making Plans really brings the song to life, and adds a level of energy I'm not sure could be captured as a solo artist song. If this is one of the older songs that was written for the LP (I heard this in an interview with Engineer Records, their new label), then I imagine the new songs will be just as good if not better! Think Jawbreaker, Leatherface, the early Beach Slang material (from their original EPs), Hot Water Music, Menzingers, Small Brown Bike, and the like. I look forward to hearing the LP in full and posting more thoughts on it soon.

By Jason Gordon
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Brooklyn, NY's Tired Radio have announced the release of their debut LP titled "Patterns". The album is set to release on August 14, 2020 via Engineer Records.

Tired Radio is Anthony Truzzolino and Anthony Truzzolino is Tired Radio. The band and the man are inseparable as each, in some part, defines the other. But Tired Radio is far more than a simple one man band and it isn’t just a solo project put together by a self-confessed professional cry baby. Tired Radio is the place where Anthony’s songs, dreams, hopes and ambitions soar. Tired Radio is where everything that Anthony is musically, with a little help from his friends, lives.

A bruising, melodic journey down the paths less travelled, Patterns, Tired Radio’s debut album, infuses volume, power and infectious choruses with the energy, independence and autonomy of punk rock to deliver blue collar, Americana flavoured anthem after anthem after anthem.

Patterns is where the moments that shaped Anthony’s life, and the Tired Radio songs those moments inspired, have found a home. So turn on, tune in and turn it up. Welcome to Tired Radio…

You can stream the official video for their new single "Making Plans" below.