PHONY (the project of Neil Berthier, formerly of Donovan Wolfington and also a live member of Joyce Manor) will release its new LP titled "Heater" on Counter Intuitive Records, November 10, 2023. The album follows last year's At Some Point You Stop, and will contain 9 songs, including the previously released "Caroline", along with its latest indiepunk/emo-pop leaning single "Chinatown" which can be streamed below. About the new LP, Heater is a pure return to form. Following the sonic explorations of the well-received 2022 LP At Some Point You Stop, Phony emerges from that record's greif with a renewed sense of urgent energy. Phony mastermind Neil Berthier's sense of raw emotion moves flawlessly into every track, creating a punk rock sound that is unique, yet timeless and familiar. The intimacy of the sound blends with lyrics encapsulating themes of mortality, overcoming the monotony of modern life, and ultimately finding out who you are. There have been records like this before, but none with as many undeniable hooks and unforgettable lines as Heater.