Power Pleasure

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February 9th, 2024


Boston's post-hardcore/screamo/pop-punk band Crush++ will release their 12 song debut LP titled "Power Pleasure" on February 9, 2024. After spending one month in Newton NJ with producer Randy LeBoeuf (The Acacia Strain, Kublai KhanTX, Dying Wish) Crush++ has constructed an album that combines the outlandishness of myspace post-hardcore/screamo with the forward thinking of todays hyper-pop artists; effectively reinvigorating the post-hardcore genre and propelling it to new and necessary heights . Power Pleasure has a sound that is familiar to AOL message checkers, as well as TikTok scrollers. Infatuated with the theatrical nature of artists that blared over hot topic speakers in the 2000s, Crush++ aims to once again poison the airways with over-the-top scene worship and soaring synthesized choruses. From the band " our influences start with post-hardcore like Hawthorne Heights, meshing that with synthy Myspace bands like I Set My Friends On Fire, and meshing THAT with current hyperpop antics. We like to think of it as 2000's Myspace music meets pop music now." Check out the super infectious high energy songs below for a dose of myspace era screamo-pop nostalgia with a new twist. If you're a fan of the whole 2005-2010 myspace era post-hardcore meets emo punk with some electronic elements, heavy parts, big hooky choruses, and a heavy dose of nostalgia, this band is definitely for you.