Under Sound

Minneapolis grungey alt-rockers comprised of Jake Beitel (guitar, vocals), Olivia Johnson (bass, vocals), and Jon Brenner (drums) will release their Corey Coffman (Gleemer) produced debut LP titled "Under Sound" on February 16, 2024 via the amazing New Morality Zine. Along with the album announcement, the band has released the latest single called “Further From My Start” taken from the forthcoming LP, which folllows the previously released single "Your Time". Both can be streamed below.

Prize Horse’s musical evolution takes flight with ethereal, fuzz-laden tones departing from the grittier layers of their previous 2021 Welder EP. Recorded in Loveland, Colorado, again in collaboration with Corey Coffman (Gleemer), Under Sound encapsulates Prize Horse's journey through airy soundscapes, delving into the emotional nuances of life's rapid changes.

A true sign of a band's maturation is their ability to show that their strength as a group stems from all members working in unity, and Prize Horse has demonstrated this truth throughout this 10-song listen. Under Sound evidently draws inspiration from the band members' favorite artists and contemporaries, yet it avoids mirroring those influences directly in its sonic presentation. Musically, they persist in utilizing thick bass lines and fuzzed-out guitars as the foundation of their songs, but they have integrated more nuanced sounds into their composition. The songs exude an organic quality, deriving vitality from the pulsating heartbeat of bass riffs to the deliberate and precise rhythm of drums that effortlessly drive the whole thing forward.

Following the previously-released single “Your Time,” today’s “Further From My Start” opens with thundering drums and chugging guitar. As Jake intones “Take advice from an old friend // Ruin my sense of progress // Fast as I walk // I told myself in a dream // I'd end mine,” the song unravels with an ominous, reverberating bassline and crashing percussion. In his lyrics, Jake chooses a subtle approach to depict the challenges of life's transformations poetically rather than directly. Consequently, he possesses the skill to craft imagery, leaving room for interpretation by the listener. He adeptly maintains a harmonious balance, blending mild harmonies with gently delivered lines that captivate the audience.

“‘Further From My Start’ was the last song we wrote, so it encompasses a lot of themes from the album, musically and lyrically,” says Jake. “To me the song is a reflection on the last few years of my life and fighting a feeling of detachment from it. Wanting to let go of negativity in the past while stubborning acknowledging it's formed me into who I am now.”

In some way or another, Prize Horse have spent their cold winter days working becoming a tight group of musicians, and “Further From My Start” feels as frigid as the environment they’ve developed in. Under Sound promises an atmospheric and dynamic exploration, where the band's growth is seamlessly woven into each note, inviting listeners into a captivating fusion of fully fleshed out heavy rock and emotional depth.