RecoverThe Naked and Famous

Few things make us feel our age quite like realizing The Naked And Famous‘ brilliant debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You arrived 10 years ago this September. Since then, Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers have rode the rollercoaster of both life and electro-pop, and return with a new album May 8 titled Recover. 

“Our new album ‘Recover’ has lead us to many changes in our personal and professional lives over the last few years, but here we are, 12 years a band, and deeply grateful to still be,” the New Zealand duo state. “We’re eager to share this new album with fans. ‘Recover’ is a fresh sound for TNAF, but this hasn’t changed our DNA: All of our songs are alive and kicking… patiently waiting to be performed. Loudly.”

Recover album artPurchaseMay 8th, 2020