See You in ChemistryCarly Cosgrove

Philadelphia, PA's emo rockers Carly Cosgrove has announced details surrounding their upcoming, debut, album titled ‘See You In Chemistry’ out March 25, 2022 via Wax Bodega. Produced by Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Joyce Manor) at Headroom Studios, this album has been two years in the making and holds songs that are peppy and sincere, hyper and bombastic while maintaining a high degree of technical and structural complexity.

“Really Big Shrimp”, which can be streamed below, is the first song of the record that pulls the subject out of their proverbial “thought vacuum”, explains vocalist and guitarist Lucas Naylor. “For the first time, I had to confront my anxieties regarding personal growth in the face of tangible opportunity. This song is the direct result of watching my art and band garner attention while feeling imposter syndrome rear its head at every turn.”

 Besides being a reference to Nickelodeon TV show ‘Drake and Josh’, ‘See You In Chemistry’ doubles as a comment on the chemicals that govern our brains and bodies, and a semi-hopeful glance toward some future moment when things might be better again. The album is about growth, but not the tidy, Instagram-ready kind. At its beginning, vocalist and guitarist Lucas Naylor is steady, stable, and happy: the work has been done, progress has been made, things are alright.

 Over the remaining 11 tracks, and across a complex, earworm patchwork of riotous emo punk, towering post-hardcore, mathy indie rock, and crystalline shoegaze, things fall apart: bands dissolve, friendships end, and self-doubt, depression and anxiety triple-team their way to victory over happiness.

 The band previously released the song and music video for “Munck”, also taken from the upcoming album, which can also be streamed below.

See You in Chemistry album artPurchaseMarch 25th, 2022