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Australian rock duo Wayside are set to release their debut LP "Shine Onto Me" on March 3rd, 2021. Combining elements of indie, early 2000s emo, and 90s melodic alternateive rock and grunge, Wayside should please fans of Citizen, Balance & Composure, Basement, Turnover and the likes. This is evident on the first two singles released, title track ‘Shine (Onto Me)’ and the driving ‘Cherophobia’ which has amassed close to 200,000 plays already for the upcoming record. The band also takes major inspiration from bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Deftones as well.

The duo recently released their latest singles “In A Place”. and "Rainbow Machine". "In A Place" finds the band slowing down the tempo with more emphasis on the low end, while maintaining a steady groove throughout, dark tones and a melodic hooky chorus. On what the track means to him, vocalist Thomas Davenport says “Being able to reflect on a situation from some time ago, and recognizing how your thoughts and feelings can change through personal growth and letting go of those fears and anxieties. But on the surface, there are also strong parallel themes of courage and love. At the time I was wanting to retrace my steps, hoping to be given the opportunity to do things a little differently.”

“’In A Place’ was very close to not even being a song,” admits Davenport. “Josh [Ehmer,guitarist] and I had already finished writing the record, but there was this one guitar riff that Josh had written that I couldn’t get out of my head. The night before I flew to LA, we recorded 2 bars of it, wrote drums for those two bars, then copy and pasted it the whole thing 100 times and exported it.’“Never before had we even considered using the same piece of music for the verse, pre chorus and chorus. This was an exciting challenge for us and we feel that it definitely paid off,” Davenport continues. “I think knowing we had the record written already, there was more creative and experimental freedom. It didn’t matter if this idea failed miserably, so there was more margin for error than before.”

Check out the previously released singles below, and be sure to pre-order a copy before its official release date on March 3, 2020.

Shine Onto Me album artPurchaseMarch 3rd, 2021