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May 12th, 2023


Bring the Hoax ready debut LP


Off the heals of their self titled debut EP, Bring the Hoax are back with 6 new songs to round out what will become their debut 10 song LP, set for release on May 12, 2023 via one of my favorite labels, Lövely Records. If you're unfamiliar with Lövely Records, they're currently putting out some of the best 90s inspired indie rock, mostly out of Sweden, with a roster heavily influenced by the likes of fuzzed out guitar fueled rock of Husker Du, Sugar, Dinosaur Jr, Pixies along with bands paying tribute to the 90s Swedish underground scene, with bands like Starmarket, Him Kerosene, KVLR and the likes. The roster already includes the incredible Sweet Teeth and Statues (both from Sweden), both who have records you should check out immediately, the former releasing one of my favorite albums of 2022 and the latter releasing their upcoming 3rd LP this spring. Bring the Hoax are another welcome addition to new albums dropping on Lövely Records, and steer more in the 90s melodic alternative indie/rock / power pop lane, with influences from bands like Dinosaur Jr,, Sugar, Smashing Pumpkins, Built to Spill, The Lemonheads, and Sonic Youth. Check out the album announcement below and make sure you listen to this album when it drops.

By Jason Gordon
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Stockholm, Sweden indie-rockers Bring The Hoax have announced the release of their debut album titled "Single Coil Candy" set for release May 12, 2023 via the incredible Lövely Records. The album consists of 10 songs mixing indie, power pop, grunge and modern rock into a unique blend of alternative rock, infused with strong fuzzy guitars and delicately sweet melodies. If you're a fan of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Built to Spill and Smashing Pumpkins, this piece of art will seduce you, and is the perfect addition to the already outstanding Lövely Records catalog. Combining sweet melodies with fuzzed out guitars into colorful, energetic, and dynamic rock music, the album contains the four tracks from Bring the Hoax’s self titled EP from 2022 (previously only released digitally) plus six new, until now unreleased songs to make up the 10 song LP. Produced and recorded by the band members themselves, the album offers massive soundscapes inspired by the punk-, indie- and grunge-era of the 90s’. Perfectly capturing the dynamic nature of the Stockholm based band, ”Single Coil Candy” hits the sweet spot where nostalgia meets modern expressions, and where unpolished, distorted, and riff-based rock meets beautiful, bittersweet vocals and delicate nuances - it’s everything you want in an action-packed 2023 indie rock record. The album is mixed by Markus Ingberg and mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes (Snook, Timo Räisänen, Alice B, Lasse Lindh). The album features cover art by the band’s bass player Sara Engström. The album will be available on all digital platforms, and a Pink vinyl edition, limited to 500 copies. You can stream the previously released singles below.