Slowly Dying With You

Whatever, Forever
FeaturedSlowly Dying With You

October 29th, 2021


Sydney, Australia melodic nu-gaze/alternative punk rockers are gearing up for their new EP titled "Slowly Dying With You" set for release on October 29, 2021. 

The band delivers their most refined take on their alternative punk sound with latest single "Ghost Of Me" which can be streamed below. After a battering and relentless year within the group and externally with the pandemic, "Ghost Of Me" is a warm hug of fuzzy, distorted guitars, heavy hitting drums paired with layers of atmospheric lead lines and melodies. There's an overall ambience of dread and a descent into thoughts of one's own existence.

"Ghost Of Me was written at a time of existential dread surrounding the darkness of facing illness and therefore death" says the band. "Through the suffering of learning to live with such things, the only constant is change. In this case there are highlighted experiences of guilt, hopelessness, the contrast-compare game we can play with the past and future - and the weight of all such things."

A vision long growing in the shadows packed a new direction much closer to the heart for Whatever, Forever as songwriters. Tracked, mixed and mastered by Clayton Segelov at The Brain Recording Studios, forthcoming EP, 'Slowly Dying With You', was a necessary chapter for the band in order to make it through 2020. 

"In times as dark as that the best thing we’ve learnt to do is write music thats honest, vulnerable and accepting of the life as it is. In all its melancholic beauty."

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