Southeast of Somewhere

Kerosene Heights
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May 19th, 2023


Asheville, North Carolina emo-punk band Kerosene Heights have just announced their first full-length album, Southeast of Somewhere, due May 19 via No Sleep Records. The album features the recently-released album version of "Kathryn" as well as their latest single from the forthcoming LP "Perfect Timing." The album consists of 11 tracks of emo punk anthems, pulling inspiration from various decades of emo, punk and indie rock, and is sure to fit nicely in with the many bands making waves in the current 5th wave emo revival scene. Kerosene Heights take influence from bands like Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, You Blew It, Glocca Morra and many others from the early/mid 2000s midwestern emo revival sound, and can certainly hold their own alongside already established bands like Gulfer, Charmer, Hot Mulligan, Palette Knife, Dikembe, Ben Quad and many others. Combing raw emotive vocals, twinkling guitars, and catchy sing-along melodies, Kerosene Heights are sure to make waves with their their debut LP on No Sleep Records this spring. Check out the first two singles "Kathryn" and "Perfect Timing" below from the forthcoming LP.