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Stand Still's new single and video "In My Blood" show love to the Long Island music scene

Long Island melodic emotionally charged hardcore band have just released the latest single and video “In My Blood” taken from the forthcoming debut LP "Steps Ascending." The track is two and half minutes of pure energy, touting the importance of family and community in music. The accompanying video, directed by Tom Flynn, finds the band performing in a home that has hosted monumental moments in the Long Island music scene, including being where Taking Back Sunday’s video for “S’old” was shot. Stand Still’s clip features an impassioned performance filled with stage dives and sing alongs from friends including LIHC staples such as Pain of Truth, Koyo, Backtrack, King Nine, Victory Garden and more. Diving further into the song’s personal lyrics, vocalist Gerry Windus states:“My family is the reason I'm so invested in music. My dad played in bands his whole life and taught me how to play guitar and sing at an early age. My sister was going to LIHC shows while I was still picking my nose and riding my bike. Without them, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today without a doubt.” The latest single follows the three previously released singles “In the Dying Light of a Setting Sun,” “Mysticism,” and “Steps Ascending,” all taken from the forthcoming LP and streamable below.

Friday, May 17, 2024 at 1:11 am

​Over two years in the making, Long Island’s Stand Still is excited to announce the debut full-length, Steps Ascending, set for release June 14th through DAZE. Having teased with the title track and “Mysticism” earlier this year, today the band shares new single "In the Dying Light of a Setting Sun.” On the track, the band sticks true to their emotionally driven melodic hardcore, while also generating some of their heaviest material yet. The video for the song, directed by Tom Flynn, packs the high energy of Stand Still’s live performance with the figure on the album artwork coming to life. You can watch the official video for "In the Dying Light of a Setting Sun” below.

On the track’s lyrics, vocalist Gerry Windus states:

“The "setting sun" in this track is one's lifespan running short, and the "dying light" describes the remains of one's motivation to live a fulfilling life. These lyrics describe my personal struggle to capture the childlike imagination that surrounded my early creative years while lacking the drive of a younger version of myself, a drive that I am well aware I may never get back.”

The record was produced and mixed by Greg Thomas at Silver Bullet Studios, with additional mixing by Chris Teti, and mastered by Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio.

Long Island, NY has been a home to melodic hardcore for a long time, citing acts including The Movielife, Silent Majority, and Crime In Stereo as forebears. For the past few years, a myriad of bands have come along to carry on the sound and Stand Still prove to be one of the most exciting of the new wave. Formed in 2020, Stand Still launched with their EP, A Practice In Patience, in 2021. The band followed it up with their second EP, In A Moment’s Notice in 2022, garnering praise from BrooklynVegan, The Alternative, and Distorted Sound. Throughout the past four years, Stand Still have hit the ground running, playing shows alongside Pain Of Truth, Drain, Koyo, Gorilla Biscuits, Silent Majority, Incendiary, and Restraining Order to name a few. Looking towards the release of Steps Ascending, the band has a packed tour schedule for Spring and Summer with runs alongside Innerlove, Montclair, HEAVYHEX, Soul Blind, and ASkySoBlack.

Stand Still is Gerry Windus (vocals), Steve Hallam (guitar), Bryan Natole (guitar), Mat Rienecker (bass) and Andre Valerio (drums).

RIYL: The Movielife, Crime In Stereo, Private Mind, Koyo