Ferried Away

Brooklyn New York's Stay Inside have announced the release of their sophomore LP titled "Ferried Away" set for release February 28, 2024. The band have been building an intricate universe around their cerebral reinvention of screamo for nearly a decade now. Combining vulnerability and urgency with jazz arrangements and hip-hop beats, their art lives at the intersection of nostalgia and innovation. Each song on their upcoming LP, Ferried Away––including the charged-up latest single "Sweet Stripe!" streamable below––is dedicated to a person they have loved. Tying all the songs together is the concept of Steeplechase Park, one of the original Coney Island amusement parks, that burned down in 1907. The band explains: "To many New Yorkers, Coney is a fun and beautiful place that you’ve always wanted to visit but never make the time. Ferried Away lets the historical Steeplechase stand in for a sort of purgatory of memory where the people you love live between the last time you see them and either of your deaths. Whether you’re estranged, or in different states, or just fallen out of touch, these are songs for the friends in Steeplechase. Stay Inside has already released two songs from Ferried Away––"A Backyard" and "An Invitation"––and now they've shared their latest single in "Sweet Stripe!" A song written about hazy memories of Williamsburg in the early 2010s, it's a reflection on the constant destruction of places you have beautiful memories of. Check out the new singles from the forthcoming LP below and be on the lookout for this new release in February of 2024.