Sweating The PlagueGuided By Voices

Guided By Voices just announced their new 12-song LP "Sweating The Plague"due out 10/25 On GBV Inc. 

Sweating The Plague, Guided by Voices 29th album and their third this year, spars playfully with stadium sized fidelity and uncharacteristically impactful arrangements. Sweating The Plague is an uncharacteristically concise rock’n’roll record, with lush gems tucked in amongst the hooks and hits, and with a sprinkling of prog rock moves. And, as usual with Pollard, the album is sequenced as a whole, a coherent collection, rather than a selection of downloadable content baubles.

Producer Travis Harrison’s counterintuitive approach to Guided By Voices’ historically lo-fi sound was that he didn’t want it to sound homemade. Sweating The Plague is constructed as a classic 12 song album experience, made to be played loud.

Stream the anthemic first single "Heavy Like The World" below.

Sweating The Plague album artPurchaseOctober 25th, 2019


Jason Gordon

GBV readies 29th LP

August 8th, 2019

GBV are back again with another LP due out this fall and I couldn't be more excited. One of the most prolific song-writers of our time, Robert Pollard continues to put out consistently solid guitar rock / hook laden indie-rock and roll, and based on the anthemic big sounding new single "Heavy Like the World", I think we're in for a real treat with this new set of jams. More to come.