High Anxiety

On the 14th of October, Swedish alternative rock group Sweet Teeth will release "High Anxiety". This debut full length studio album offers 12 new bittersweet tracks inspired by the guitar driven 80/90s. A must listen for any fan of Dinosaur Jr, Hüsker Dü, and Sonic Youth.

After bursting into the alt. rock scene with their 2021 mini-album ”Acid Rain”, the four piece now returns with 12 new tracks of explosive power pop. On their new studio effort, Sweet Teeth combines the unforgettable sounds of the guitar driven 80/90s with their own signature mixture of super melodic songwriting and palpable energy, adding up to a record packed with honest, straight forward, and bittersweet alternative rock music. 

The band comments:

With ”High Anxiety”, we wanted to make an album with as little hassle as possible. No long solos or extra unnecessary stuff to fill out the songs, they simply didn’t need that. Still, we didn’t want to limit ourselves, instead we wanted to find our own formula. The result is a collection of pop songs played with a punk/hardcore feel. 

Lyrically, it’s sometimes pretty heavy. A lot of the lyrics are about anxiety in life, love found and then lost, and all the good and destructive ways to deal with that.

Per Ståhlberg really demanded us to record in his studio, and his input both before and during recording at Welfare Sounds made so much sense. He understood exactly what we wanted to do, so it all went very smoothly in the studio. Our own bass player Joona of course did a splendid job mastering it, so it sounds great!