Still Love

LA alternative rockers Teenage Wrist have announced their new album ‘Still Love’, set for release on August 04, 2023 via Epitaph Records. Venturing into their third full-length, ‘Still Love’ sees Marshall Gallagher (guitars/vocals) and Anthony Salazar (drums)—producing the album themselves to handcraft their most expansive collection of songs to date from the ground up. The culmination of the past eight years of Teenage Wrist, this record shows them continually evolving and refining their sound as they reach new heights in both scope and execution. About the LP, vocalist, guitarist and bassist Marshall says "I was in a pretty dark spot after Covid (as most people were), and I was starting to piece together things about myself that were difficult to face; like why I carry so much shame and guilt, and how the manifestation of those things were quite literally hurting me, as well as others,” says Gallagher. “It’s pretty wild how putting thoughts down on paper can help you make sense of your emotions. Writing these lyrics was sort of a gateway to forgiving myself – for big mistakes, for not living up to expectations, for being a shit tornado of a person in the process of learning how to live. Also, I was listening to way too much SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE and I’m sure it seeped through.” The album will feature 12 new tracks and an array of guest artists including 311s SA Martinez, Softcult, Heavenward, Fear Before, and others. The band has already released the first 3 singles 'Sunshine', 'Diorama' and title track 'Still Love' from the forthcoming LP which can be streamed below.