Thank You For Being Here Pt. 1cursetheknife

Oklahoma City's alternative shoegazer's cursetheknife are gearing up to release their debut EP titled "Thank You For Being Here Pt. 1", due for release on November 13, 2020 on the oustanding New Morality Zine label. The new EP is the first half of a 2 Part EP series, of which the second EP is scheduled to drop in December. So far, cursetheknife have released a 2 song promo this year featuring the songs "Low" and "Feeling Real" both of which can be streamed below and will be included on the upcoming EP. 

Thank You For Being Here Pt. 1 album artPurchaseNovember 13th, 2020


Jason Gordon

Melodic shoegaze/alt-rockers cursetheknife ready Pt 1. of 2 Part EP series...

October 25th, 2020

Cursetheknife are a relatively new band from Oklahoma, that found its way to me via my interest in bands on New Morality Zine, a label who's put out excellent releases by bands like Fake Eyes, Soul Blind, Downward, and many others in the shoegaze/post-grunge/hardcore/emo genres. 

Combining heavy shoegaze, 90s alternative rock, and melodic emo / post hardcore, cursetheknife create a sound not too dissimilar from bands like Nothing, Teenage Wrist, Modern Color, Narrow Head and the likes, with layers of distored guitars and feedback along with passive aggressive melody. Combine that with some meloncholy emotion and you have the sounds of cursetheknife. 

These guys clearly enjoy a heavy dose of My Bloody Valentine, Hum, and the more passive side of Deftones, while also having a love for all things 90s alternative rock, emo and grunge. There are also hints of groove laiden melodic hardcore that wouldn't sound out of place on the most recent Higher Power or Turnstile albums. This is a good thing as while cursetheknife clearly wear their influences well, the subtle additions to their sound help distinguish them from the current pack of bands doing the whole shoegaze/emo/grunge thing right now. Plus, the band can write a good hook, which always helps. I'm very curious to see how this young band develops over time, as I believe they have serious potential. Don't sleep on cursetheknife, and be sure to check out Part 1 of their debut EP when it drops next month. More on Part 2, once there is more definitive release information.