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October 30th, 2020


Kid You Not return with Thanks, I Hate It.....and I'm loving it!

 Northern Florida's melodic gruff punk rockers Kid You Not are gearing up for their third album "Thanks, I Hate It" and it is evident by the first single "Fantastic Drugs and How to Take Them", this band isn't slowing down. Kid You Not continue to bring to mind the anthemic gritty punk rock of bands like Latterman, Iron Chic, Hot Water Music Jawbreaker and the like. That trademark brand of angsty but poppy melodic punk rock with sing along hooks, varying tempo changes, and occasional breakdowns! A sound often associated with the Gainesville, FL scene of the mid/late 90s/and early 2000s. The kind of stuff that goes over well in a small club to a bunch of sweaty packed in kids singing along with their fists in the air! Hope we can get back to that again when it’s safe, so we have the pleasure of seeing these songs performed live! Looking forward to diving into the rest of this LP. Don't sleep on this when it drops on October 30th.

By Jason Gordon
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Deep Elm is pleased to announce the forthcoming October 30th release of the new album Thanks, I Hate It by the undeniably infectious and highly relatable Florida-based punk outfit KID YOU NOT. The first single Fantastic Drugs And How To Take Them will be released September 29th in connection with a music video by Matthew Maynak for the single. Pre-orders for the new full-length also go live on Sep 29.

Sung from the gut and straight from the heart, you'll find these new songs ring true to familiar feelings of depression, loss and uncertainty that 2020 has imposed upon our mental well-being...reminding us that we are not alone. "The songs on this album resonate with what we believe a lot of people have felt this year in regards to personal struggles with mental health. 2020 has been a roller coaster of seemingly endless despair, and that has weighed heavy on a lot of us and has certainly taken a mental toll,” says bassist Justin Pritchard.

Upbeat, emotional, and packed with raw energy, the band incorporates the perfect blend of melancholic and inspiring melodies made for basements and stages alike. Combining new school and old school influences (ranging from Iron Chic, Latterman and Red City Radio to 90's punk rock heroes Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker and Millencolin) with a modern day sensibility, the ten tracks found on the band's third album never let up with their wrath of aggressive vocals, melodic harmonies, pounding drums and infectious choruses. Bigger and more impassioned than ever before, "Thanks, I Hate It" reveals the band firing on all cylinders. Striking hard with conviction and relevance, the new album is another giant step forward for Kid You Not in living their lives to the fullest with purity, purpose and a palpable DIY spirit. (DER-606)

For Fans Of: Latterman, Hot Water Music, Red City Radio, Iron Chic, Spraynard, the Descendents

Check out the first single "Fantastic Drugs And How To Take Them" below.