The Day We Got What We DeservedTrade Wind

Genre-blurring supergroup Trade Wind have announced their upcoming third full-length, The Day We Got What We Deserved. Due out May 21st from Other People Records, the album marks another drastic musical shift for the always daring band: this time diving headfirst into a compelling amalgam of intricate trip hop rhythms, lush atmospherics, and warm melodies that defies easy classification. Barnett’s lyrics on The Day We Got What We Deserved take just as many twists and turns as the music but they form an unexpectedly pointed vision. “I realized that a lot of these songs, whether they’re personal or more political, are about the idea that sometimes we need to accept an obvious truth and make a change. Maybe the simplest thing is true and we don’t need to overcomplicate it," he says. "...the world is falling apart and it seems that we as humans know what the problems are. But we’re so addicted to defending the people who are destroying the planet that we might deserve what we get unless we decide to fight it." Throughout The Day We Got What We Deserved Barnett’s unabashedly fiery but deeply empathetic lyricism collides with the dreamy beats and shimmering melodies to make an album that's hard to pin down but easy to enjoy. 

The Day We Got What We Deserved album artPurchaseMay 21st, 2021