The Raven EP

Magnet School
FeaturedThe Raven EP

February 2nd, 2024


Magnet School, the Austin Texas Alternative / Indie Rock legends & sonic sound manipulators are back with their new release "The Raven" - a 5 track mini opus of sonic tapestry woven around the dual guitar attack of Michael J Wane & Mark Ford ably assisted by the bottom end attack of Brandon Tucker & new drumlord David Hobizal. Once again, Magnet School find themselves pulling from the best elements of 90s shoegaze, guitar heavy indie/alt rock, and dream pop, containing big melodies, huge sonic soundscapes, walls of interwoven guitars, distortion and reverb, and big hooks to go along with it. These songs would fit right in with your Swervedriver, Catherine Wheel and early Ride records, while still sounding as current as ever, with the new crop of shoegazed influenced alternative rock bands surfacing out of Texas and around other parts of the US.

About the five tracks on the 5 song EP, lead track The Raven tells a tale curse of retribution - "It's about being wronged & the pain that follows and then planning what happens next. Then comes the sweet revenge & then a curse for all!" Second track "A Conversation" weaves its sonic tapestry through Swervedriven riffage and melody. "Dotted Eighth" is a syncopated instrumental riff beast dueling across the universe between two guitar slingers at noon, while "Mayor of Greenpoint" slides back into melancholic shoegazing and lush melody only to ascend to the heavens with a sonic propulsion that will launch your subconscious into the stratosphere and glide you on landing. The warm lush sublime cello/violin/piano finale Reprise glides you into a warm comfort after the sonic assault left in its wake but with a uneasy foreboding of what's to come.

The Raven just confirms that they are a band that deserves to be heard as this is their finest release to date. The EP will be released via Shifting Sounds on Feb 2nd on 12" Limited Ed. Blood Red Transparent Vinyl + MP3 in N. America, UK, Europe, Japan. The band is scheduled to play SXSW in March & Japan Tour dates in May 2024. Great things ahead for this 4 piece Texas guitar driven outfit. Stream the outstanding lead off single and title track below for a sneak preview of what's to come. You can also stream a short sampler of the EP below as well.