Toxic Positivity

Utah's alternative rockers The Used have announced their newest album Toxic Positivity, out May 19 via Big Noise. Over the course of eleven brand new tracks, The Used tackle mental health and wellbeing in the way that fans have come to expect from the band - straightforward, in-your-face, destructive, and vulnerable all at once. More than 20 years into their career as a band, Toxic Positivity plants The Used's flag even deeper into their place as frontrunners in their scene.

The Used have recently released two no-holds-barred singles, “Fuck You” and “People Are Vomit" which can both be streamed below.

The band is know for its high energy live shows, gut wrenching relatable lyrics, and melodies that blended pop sensibility and hard rock, the perfect combination to make an everlasting impression on fans globally.

The Used is Bert McCracken (Vocals), Jepha (Bass), Dan Whitesides (Drums) and Joey Bradford (Guitar).