Make Up Your Place

Oshkosh, Wisconsin based emo band Tiny Voices, will release their new EP, Make Up Your Place, on April 20, 2023 via Thumbs Up Records. The band has also released a video for their song “Minnesota, Wild” taken from the forthcoming EP which can be streamed below. With a solid, unique, and high energy sound, Tiny Voices is well on their way to becoming a namesake in modern-day emo, and will appeal to fans of the midwestern emo revival sound with their catchy guitar melodies and sing along hooks, similar to bands like Charmer, Good Sleepy, Ben Quad, Hot Mulligan and the like. The EP contains 7 heart-on-your-sleeve sing along anthems, meant to be played loud, and recalling the sounds and energy of packed VFW halls and basement shows filled with sweaty kids singing along to every word like it's their last, fists in the air and all. The new songs show tremendous progress for Tiny Voices and is the best material the band has released to date.