Lousy, Thanks

Brooklyn, NY melodic heart-on-its-sleeve anthemic punk rockers Tired Radio are set to release their sophomore EP titled “Lousy, thanks.” This new EP is the follow-up to Tired Radio’s impressive debut EP, Patterns which was highly regarded on Releasewave.com. Recorded by Gary Cioni and Mixed by Matt Weber at Gradwell House, the songs on this EP range from full-throated sing-alongs to quiet, contemplative moments best served in solitude. The hallmarks of Anthony Truzzolino’s songwriting - self-effacing earnestness and gut-wrenching honesty - remain a constant force throughout. Kevin Daly’s dynamic drumming, Chris Schmidt’s searing leads and Jason St. Angelo’s penchant for groove lend clear growth to these 5 songs. What started as an outlet for Truzzolino’s bedroom recordings has evolved into a four-headed, fire-breathing, heart-on-its-sleeve monster. And he’s comin’ for everyone. Check out the video for their brand new single titled "Old Keys" below along with a stream of their previously released single "Dead and Gone" both from the forthcoming EP.

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