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November 3rd, 2023


Youth Fountain releases second single “Roses In My Backpack” from forthcoming LP due out November 3rd via Pure Noise


Sept 27, 2023 – Vancouver, BC – Youth Fountain, the emo / pop-punk project from guitarist/vocalist Tyler Zanon, is thrilled to share its new single “Roses In My Backpack”, out now via Pure Noise Records. A vulnerable new track that was written during a particularly difficult time in Zanon’s life, “Roses In My Backpack” is a song about feeling like there’s no way out. “’Roses In My Backpack’ is a personal favorite of mine,” shares Zanon. “This track is all about the feeling of losing everything that ever mattered to me in life - being at a major breaking point and wanting to give up.” He continues: “I originally wrote this song in 2010 and it went through many different versions. I had it on the back burner for years, once as an old demo I tracked with a friend of mine that never really saw the light of day. I managed to upload an acoustic version of it to Youtube around 2014, and some very die hard super fans really loved this track. I brought the song idea to Anton and he really made the whole thing come to be what you hear now. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It’s a very sentimental and special song to me.” Stream the new single below and be on the look out for their new full length LP titled Together In Lonesome out November 3rd, 2023 via Pure Noise Records.

By Jason Gordon
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Sept 12, 2023 – Vancouver, BC – Youth Fountain, the emo / pop-punk project from guitarist/vocalist Tyler Zanon, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated 3rd studio album, Together In Lonesome. The news comes with lead single and music video, “Fallen Short”; streaming below. Together In Lonesome is set to be released on November 3rd via Pure Noise Records.

“This record lyrically touches on the feelings of essentially losing everything that ever mattered to me and going through the motions, twists and turns of what life has thrown at me over the past decade of my life,” Zanon shares. “Mostly overcoming the loss of a significant other and overwhelming emotions of never feeling like I could be enough for anyone or anything I pursue. With this record being the project's third release I knew I wanted to try and do something super special as a follow up to the sophomore album. I would say this record is a pretty dark love story album and I hope it means a lot to all the fans of Youth Fountain.”

About lead single “Fallen Short” he continues: “’Fallen Short’ is written about the struggles of trying to find my forever person and the challenges of changing relationships. This was a track that Anton DeLost had written instrumentally and I threw my lyrics and vocal melodies over the song and it came together pretty fast. It’s a very different vibe from regular Youth Fountain. Some different influences for sure you can hear through this one, sometimes a change is needed to keep things fresh and this song definitely shows it.”