Brisbane/Meanjin dynamic emo rock duo Upsetter will release their debut EP titled "DOOMGAZE" on August 11, 2023. The EP will contain 8 tracks combining emo "sob rock", shoegaze, post-grunge, and hooky guitar heavy alternative rock, a sound the band sonically refers to as "doomgaze." Four tracks from the EP have been previously released on streaming platforms all which can be streamed below. The audio engineer duo, Emily Hopley and Jasper Webb, pour their years of experience working and touring with the likes of Sly Withers, Stepson, Windwaker and more into crafting music that's genuine and unique to them. Featuring sludgy guitars, experimental instrumentation and emotive vocals and lyricism, Upsetter debut with an impressive impassioned release. For the new EP, the duo teamed up with three time ARIA-Award winning producer and long time friend Cody McWaters (The Chats, King Stingray) to record their defining new music, sharing honest self reflections, the journey of emotional processing and naked truths over the backdrop of sludgy guitar lines and passionate vocals. Upsetter may be the new kids on the block, but established audio engineers Emily Hopley and Jasper Webb are longstanding members of the Australian music community. Having found themselves working in music community for nearly half their lives, Upsetter acts as an unapologetic outlet for big feelings and a cathartic avenue for venting. About life as creative artists juxtaposed against their career as technical artists in the music industry.