Victim Of A Modern AgeModern Error

 Modern Error announced their forthcoming album titled "Victim Of A Modern Age" set for release on January 21, 2022 via Rude Records. Following their signing to international label Rude Records earlier this year, rock band Modern Error began pushing sonic boundaries with lead singles “Error of the World” and “A Vital Sign.” Today the band takes things one step further with the announcement their new album Victim Of A Modern Age, and have released their new single and music video “The Truest Blue" which can be streamed below. 

For twin brothers and creative foils Zak and Kel Pinchin, the understanding of that polarity is a life-time in the making, and on Modern Error’s debut album Victim Of A Modern Age it is both a powerful provocation and the heart of a central question about the way in which we live our lives.

To that end Victim Of A Modern Age is a profoundly conceptual record, one divided into mirroring halves; each executed with an ambition and precision that so often eludes bands many albums deep into their careers, let alone those self-producing their first significant body of work.

The 14 track LP is almost dizzying in scope. In its first act, or “Oeuvre I,” the soaring choruses of songs like “Error Of The World” and “A Vital Sign” vibrate with lush, widescreen power – though never at the expense of intriguingly picked melodic choices or bone-rattling guitar breaks. These are songs unabashedly designed to fill the biggest rooms one could possibly imagine.

“It’s very emotionally led in the first half,” explains Zak. But for the protagonist at the heart of Modern Error’s story these shimmering opening stanzas reflect life within the gilded cage of an every-thing-on-demand, Web 2.0 existence: social media that ostensibly draws us closer together while forcing us further apart, bombs dropped on foreign lands at the push of a flashing red button and relayed by 24-hour news. An existential dilemma of our age and one which the band were keen to put at the center of their work.

And so, if the first half of Victim Of A Modern Age represents a bold Icarian flight into the tempting light of the digital life which we now all live, then its second chapter marks the inevitable crash into the sea. Our narrators’ meditation on the essential hollowness many of us suffer under in our current cultural and social set ups.

“The second half of the record is about being in a space that doesn’t feel quite like reality, about questioning what reality means to you and what you live for,” notes Zak. “It’s almost a between life and death existence, like a biblical reincarnation, a state of evolution.”

 Indeed, as the perspective sharply changes, so do the tones and textures unfolding before us. “Oeuvre II” is the sound of decay; guitars giving way to a kaleidoscope of synthesizers, industrial drums and distorted vocals – richly layered and delving into influences that range from Depeche Mode to Boy Harsher and Drab Majesty. The band’s cinematic lens now peering into a vortex of blue light.

Victim Of A Modern Age album artPurchaseJanuary 21st, 2022