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September 16th, 2022


Hippie Trim ready debut LP with 4th single "Dead Heat"...An absolute banger!

Hippie Trim, the German melodic grunge filled hardcore / post-punk band, has just released their latest single "Dead Heat" and it's an absolute banger. These guys manage to combine hardcore angst, post-grunge, and emotionally driven melodic pop-punk into a cohesive and head-bobbing sound, that is sure to get people moving in the pit! You can hear the influences of bands like Drug Church, Fiddlehead, One Step Closer, and then like, making their way into these new songs. I love seeing a return to heavy and guitar fueled distortion with a hardcore groove and pop structure. This album is definitely shaping up to be one of our more highly anticipated releases of the year, and can't wait to hear this in full so we can share some more thoughts. In the interim, check out the new single "Dead Heat" along with the previoulsy released singles "Hooked on U", "Painball" and "Toothpaste" above. Simply put, this shit rocks!

By Jason Gordon
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German emo-core/grunge/punk rockers Hippie Trim have just announced their forthcoming LP titled "What Consumes Me" set for release on September 16, 2022 via Supervillain. Along with that, the band has just dropped their new single "Hooked on U", showcasing a softer and more melodic emo/punk and shoegaze side of the band, while still managing to rock. The new single follows the previously released singles "Pain Ball" and "Tooth Paste", combining elements of hardcore, grunge, emo, and 90s inspired post-hardcore with big hooks, sure to please fans of bands like Drug Church, Fiddlehead, Title Fight, Superheaven and the like. In the meantime, check out their more raw and aggressive debut LP "Cult" along with the new singles to give you an idea of what's in store and how the band has progressed!