You Are More Than Right Now

You Are More Than Right Now

February 10th, 2023


Toledo, Ohio's Resignation will release their You Are More Than Right Now EP via Friend Club Records, February 10. 2023.

Resignation's members comprise two different generations in the Northwest Ohio punk/hardcore/emo scene. The result is an amalgamation of their collective influences creating a message of hope, honesty, and empathy for people living in the strangest of timelines. This approach has found them a home amongst their hardcore comrades having such closely aligned philosophies. The culmination of sounds that make up Resignation’s music is most often labeled post-hardcore, bringing together the primary building blocks that informed that genre. Their foundational influences are apparent: Grade, Hot Water Music, Fairweather, Samiam, Elliott. However, upon further inspection, one can hear the impact of early '00s emo that would have found them comfortably fitting amongst the ranks of bands featured on the Emo Diaries. Resignation is proud to join the Friend Club Records roster for the EP release, a collection of songs about mental health, isolation, the fight for equality. The band has already released the first two singles from the forthcoming EP, which can be streamed below.

About their most recent single "Apologies Necessary" vocalist Wes Allen says, "I wrote the lyrics to this song as an apology letter of sorts to my kids and their generation. They’ve really been handed such a raw deal. Blind partisan political allegiance and bigotry have led us to become a spiteful, regressive, embarrassing country/society. Any progress towards equality is met with archaic viewpoints calling for outright bans of entire groups of our population merely asking that they are given an equal chance at existence without the constant threat of harassment. Imagine being a trans kid, figuring out who you are. That’s terrifying in and of itself. But to do that knowing there are elected officials actively demonizing you for being who you were born as? They didn’t ask for this! They deserve better. Couple that with the continued efforts to destroy our planet for corporate gain of land & resources, you’re essentially telling these kids “fuck you-figure it out”. It’s fucked. It’s heartbreaking.

"ALL that shit aside, I believe in these kids. More so than any generation that’s ever walked the face of the earth, I believe in these kids. They’re empathetic. They’re compassionate. They want to tear down the establishments designed to oppressed marginalized groups. They want people’s voices to be heard. They believe in and will fight for equality. The version of this world they’ve been handed is a shit one, but they’re capable of changing it. That fills me with immense hope for the future they’re building, despite the broken pieces they’ve been given."