Broken Hills

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Broken Hills is an indie rock band from Washington D.C. featuring Rob Hart (vocals, guitar), Andrew Fishbein (drums), Seth Ballentine (guitar), and Danny Koniowsky (bass). The band plays loud and often fast songs, brought to you from the place where stripped-down urgency and various forms of incapacity meet. Broken Hills started when Rob took a bunch of songs to Inner Ear Studios, recorded them with Don Zientara, played all the instruments, and tried to make it sound like a band. Now a fully fleshed-out rock-and-roll quartet of moderately proficient musicians with questionable eating habits, the quest to sound like a real band continues.

The band enjoys stuff like Dinosaur Jr., the Replacements, the Wipers, old punk, old indie rock, with loud guitars, big melodies, and sing-along hooks, and incorporate these influences into their sound. The band is gearing up to release their sophomore LP in December of 2023, 8 years after their self-titled debut LP was released.


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FeaturedPassing Through
December 7th, 2023

Washington DC indie rockers Broken Hills are gearing up to release their sophomore LP titled "Passing Through" which serves as a love letter to the best parts of melodic guitar-centric 90s indie/alt rock, noise-pop, pop-punk, and emo. The album comes 8 years after their self titled debu