City Windows

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Hailing from various parts of the US, City Windows is a punk rock band based in San Diego, CA. Drawing inspiration from gritty melodic punk rock and hardcore, their sound resonates with a blend of classic and modern influences. From the anthemic choruses that invite listeners to sing along, to the introspective slower cuts, City Windows is immersing the audience in a fun ride around their new album, "Velvet Divorce", an emotional sequence that never fails to captivate and is set to release July 2023.


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FeaturedVelvet Divorce
July 27th, 2023

San Diego, CA punk rockers City Windows are gearing up to release their sophomore LP titled 'Velvet Divorce' Out July 27 via the band's own label Midwest Migration Records. LP The album was recorded at Singing Serpent Studios with Ben Moore (Hot Snakes, Pinback, Angels & Airwaves,