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Covet was formed in 2014 by California guitarist/composer/multi-instrumentalist Yvette Young. Young grew up playing piano and violin and eventually applied elements of technique for both instruments to guitar, coming up with a two-handed tapping style that incorporated different approaches from classical music and math rock. The band currently consists of Yvette Young (guitar/vocals), Brandon Dove (bass) and Jessica Burdeaux (drums). The Bay Area-born band released their debut album, effloresce in 2018, followed by technicolor in 2020. Exclaim said technicolor “sparkles with the wonder of creativity,” Treble Zine described the 10-song collection as “engaging” and “dynamic,” while Brooklyn Vegan said the band thrives on “sugar-sweet melodies.” Characterized by complex song structures and guitarist Yvette Young's unique finger-tapping style, instrumental band Covet quickly earned a devoted following with their exploratory math rock sounds. Coming from a background in piano and violin, Young first developed her two-handed guitar-tapping style as a solo artist, but in 2014 she added a rhythm section and formed Covet. Young's virtuosic playing and the band's searching, organic-sounding instrumentals developed as their fan base grew, becoming more involved over the course of several EPs and reaching full realization with their 2020 debut full-length album, Technicolor. Their new album is set for release in spring of 2023.


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April 7th, 2023

Covet, the Bay area trio fronted by the effervescent, and wholly unique, guitar whiz Yvette Young, return with their third album, catharsis, on April 7 via Triple Crown Records. “We did a lot of risk-taking on this album,” Yvette explains. “I try to follow what excites me without heeding anybody’