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Fiddlehead is an American post-hardcore supergroup, formed in Boston, Massachusetts. The band's current line-up consists of Patrick Flynn (vocals) and Shawn Costa (drums) of Have Heart, Alex Henery (guitar) of Basement, Alex Dow (guitar) of Big Contest and Nick Hinsch (bass) of Stand Off and Nuclear Age. Since forming in 2014, Fiddlehead have been honing their unique sound, bringing together the energy of hardcore, the anthemic melodies of ‘90s alternative, the unbridled passion of Revolution Summer era emo. Their previous albums, 2018’s Springtime and Blind and 2021’s Between The Richness on Run For Cover Records, dealt heavily with grief from different perspectives, and now their latest album, due out August 2023 Death Is Nothing To Us, feels like a de facto culmination, drawing together many of the catalog’s through-lines sonically and lyrically. The album finds Fiddlehead so deeply delving into the pain, confusion, nuances, and contradictions of sadness–so willingly wrapping their arms around a concept as existentially baffling as death itself–that they’ve created an album that is truly life-affirming.


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FeaturedBetween The Richness
May 21st, 2021

Fiddlehead—the punk powerhouse featuring members of Have Heart, Basement, and more—have returned today with the announcement of their upcoming sophomore full-length, Between The Richness. Due out May 21st from Run For Cover Records, Between The Richness finds Fiddlehead expanding on their dynamic

FeaturedDeath is Nothing To Us
August 18th, 2023

Fiddlehead are back! Today the post-hardcore heroes have announced their upcoming third full-length, Death Is Nothing To Us, due out August 18th via Run For Cover Records. The album finds Fiddlehead completing the thematic trilogy that began with their previous two releases, resulting in a truly