Flower Language

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Flower Language is rock band from Denver, CO combining elements of 90s inspired shoegaze and alternative rock with emo and grunge. They have a 3-song EP that was self released in 2021 and a forthcoming full length set for release October 2023 produced by Corey Coffman (Gleemer).


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Dreams In A Different Place
August 20th, 2021

Denver, Colorado's Flower Language are set to release their 3 song debut EP titled "Dreams In A Different Place" on August 20, 2021. The album was produced by Corey Coffman (Gleemer), and features three distortion fueled emo-tinged shoegaze rockers, while showcasing elements of 90s grunge/alt roc

FeaturedThrown Into The Air
October 20th, 2023

Denver, Colorado's Flower Langauge are dropping their debut LP titled "Thrown Into The Air" on October 20, 2023. The album will contain 8 new tracks of this 90s inspired revivalist emo/grunge/shoegaze brand of alternative rock, that started with bands like Superheaven, Basement and