Ghost Work

About this Artist

Ghost Work is a post-punk super group featuring current and ex-members of Seaweed, Minus the Bear, Snapcase and Milemarker. The band brings their unique styles along with various other post/punk and 90s post/hardcore influences. Anyone familiar with Aaron’s work w/Seaweed, Gardener and others will recognize his voice as it drops in over a haze of chiming/chirping/reverb soaked guitars, big melodies and a driving rhythm section.


Releases we have curated and recommend to yours truly.
Light A Candle For The Lonely
March 8th, 2024

Ghost Work (featuring members / ex-members of Seaweed, Snapcase, Milemarker, and Minus The Bear) will release the new 11-track LP "Light a Candle for the Lonely" on March 8th via Spartan Records. You can stream the album's first single "Godspeed on the Trail" below.