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Gulfer are an explosive and agile indie/emo rock quartet from Montreal, Canada currently signed to Topshelf Records. Songwriters Vincent Ford and Joe Therriault drive the band's honest and vulnerable lyricism, sung in punkish, emo slants and backed with dexterous, technically proficient guitar playing. On their self-titled third record, released in 2020, the two shared the writing process in tackling themes of human nature, complex relationships, climate change, and the waning of youth. The group's rhythm section, comprised of bassist David Mitchell and drummer Julien Daoust, sustains Gulfer's signature explosiveness and bolsters the band’s nimble, intricate style. Their collective influences range from grunge to shoegaze, as well taking inspiration from indie rock-leaning emo contemporaries. The band is now gearing up to release their fourth album "Third Wind" in February of 2028.


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October 16th, 2020

Having spent the past couple years wavering between self-doubt and having it figured out, Montreal's Gulfer have returned to the fore with their third full-length record. Composed of thirteen tracks of intricate, dexterous, and incredibly fun, punk-inspired emo tunes, Gulfer sees the Montreal qua

FeaturedThird Wind
February 28th, 2024

Montreal indie rock band Gulfer have announced their fourth LP titled "Third Wind", set for release via Topshelf Records on February 28, 2024 (digital, vinyl, cassette). Click the Pre-Order link above for various pre-order options.

Named for the band’s third lease on life,