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Heavenward is the musical brainchild of singer-songwriter Kamtin Mohager (formerly of Teenage Wrist). Mohager has spent the last decade-plus traversing the music scene across multiple genres and projects. From his early days touring with 3OH!3 to scoring massive commercial placements under the pop-centered The Chain Gang Of 1974, along with his time spent in alternative rock/nugazers Teenage Wrist, Mohager is now ready to unleash his debut LP under the moniker Heavenward, after releasing an EP and some singles. Heavenward is a continuation and progression from what Mohager was doing with the earlier Teenage Wrist material, combining 90s alternative rock, emo, shoegaze and post-grunge into massively accessible rockers, similar to bands like My Vitriol, Narrow Head, and Superheaven, while drawing heavy inspiration from bands like Catherine Wheel and Swervedriver.


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June 16th, 2023

Heavenward, the 90s inspired alternative rock act and musical brain child of Kamtin Mohager has announced its new album titled "Pyrophonics" set for release on June 16th through Mohager’s own label, Fever Ltd.

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