High Vis

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High Vis play aggressive, gripping, artful punk that’s as hard as any hardcore record yet sonically opens beyond the parameters of any genre or scene. Breaking from the same London underground that spawned Chubby And The Gang, Higher Power and The Chisel, the band have quickly grown a devoted following for their intense live shows, immediate lyrics that tackle themes from class politics to the challenges of everyday life, and an unparalleled 2019 debut album, No Sense No Feeling.

Formed in 2016 from the ashes of some of the UK’s best hardcore bands (Dirty Money, Tremors, DiE, The Smear), High Vis maintain a hardcore energy in their live shows – it’s not uncommon for cheerfully miserable, gold toothed vocalist/front person Graham Sayle to come away from a show with a bleeding forehead – but they’ve taken their aural cues from older UK bands like Gang Of Four, Crisis, Joy Division and Stone Roses. The intensity and passion of hardcore still stokes their fire, but in its post-punk inspired textures and moods lay a sonic adventurousness which suggests the members of High Vis are never going to be confined by any notion of what they should or shouldn’t be playing.


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September 30th, 2022

High Vis have released their sophomore LP titled "Blending" via Dais Records, on September 30, 2022. The UK band play gripping, artful post-punk.. breaking from the same scene that spawned Chubby, Higher Power and The Chisel, while the band themselves have quickly grown a devoted follow