Hot Mulligan

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Hot Mulligan is an American emo/punk band from Lansing, Michigan and part of the 5th wave emo revival. Their trademark sounds combines midwestern emo guitars and mathy rhythms with pop-punk melodies and anthemic sing-along heart on your sleeve choruses. In 2015, Hot Mulligan released two EPs titled Fenton and Honest & Cunning via Michigan based label Save Your Generation Records. After signing to No Sleep Records in 2017, Hot Mulligan re-released an EP titled Opportunities (original release on Save Your Generation). In 2018, Hot Mulligan released their debut full-length album titled Pilot on No Sleep Records, followed by their well-received and sophomore breakout release "You'll Be Fine" in 2020, also on No Sleep. Following their 2nd proper LP, the band signed to Wax Bodega and released an EP titled "I Won't Reach Out To You" and recently announced their Wax Bodega debut full length set for release in May of 2023.


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You'll Be Fine
March 6th, 2020

Lansing, Michigan's Hot Mulligan will release their new LP titled "You'll Be Fine" on March 6th, 2020 via No Sleep Records. The first 2 singles from the LP can be streamed below.

I Won't Reach Out To You
May 28th, 2021

Like many bands last year, Lansing, Michigan’s Hot Mulligan put out an LP in 2020 that they didn’t get to tour. Next month, they’ll release I Won’t Reach Out To You, a six-track EP that operates as a response to their 2020 full-length You’ll Be Fine, bookended on the first and last tracks by a re

FeaturedWhy Would I Watch
May 12th, 2023

Lansing, Michigan's Hot Mulligan - self proclaimed #1 Hot New Band and inventors of Post-Emo - have formally announced their forthcoming new album ‘Why Would I Watch’ out May 12 via Wax Bodega. A new song titled “Shhh! Golf Is On”, taken from the album, is out now and can streamed below.