J. Robbins

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James Robbins, better known as J. Robbins, is an American rock musician. Robbins began his career as a bassist for Government Issue, and has also led five of his own bands: Jawbox, Rollkicker Laydown, Burning Airlines, Channels, and Office of Future Plans. He was a touring bassist for Scream and played bass on the debut 7" from Jack Potential, which was issued by DeSoto Records in 1993. More recently he played bass in Report Suspicious Activity with Vic Bondi, which released two albums on Alternative Tentacles Records. In 2011, Robbins, along with Kerosene 454's drummer and fellow Channels bandmate Darren Zentek, bassist Brooks Harlan, and guitarist/cellist Gordon Withers, released an EP under the name Office of Future Plans. The band, who had been playing since 2009 and released an album on Dischord Records in November 2011, but as of October 2016, they are not together anymore. In May 31, 2019, J. Robbins released his first solo album, Un-Becoming and will release his second full band solo record in February 2024.


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February 2nd, 2024

J. Robbins will release his second album second solo album, Basilisk, on February 2nd via legendary indie label Dischord Records (Minor threat, Jawbox). The album was recorded at his own Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore, MD. Ahead of the release, Robbins has shared album track “Exquisite Corpse” w