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Koyo is an American punk rock /melodic hardcore band formed in 2020 in Stony Brook, New York. The band was formed as a supergroup of hardcore bands including SeeYouSpaceCowboy, with vocalist Joey Chiaramonte hailing from the band Typecaste. They released their debut EP Painting Words Into Lines in March 2020 and follow up EP Drives Out East in 2021. In 2022, Koyo signed a record deal with Pure Noise Records who will release their debut LP in fall of 2023. The band's music has been compared to Long Island emo, pop punk and melodic hardcore bands such as early Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and The Movielife and pull elements from bands like Lifetime and Saves the Day as well. They're part of a new crop of bands like No Pressure, Anxious, and others pulling from this era of music.


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FeaturedWould You Miss It?
September 29th, 2023

Long Island upstarts Koyo have announced their debut full-length, Would You Miss It?, due out September 29th from Pure Noise Records. In just a few short years the band have been turning heads with their unabashedly heart-on-sleeve blend of punk, hardcore, and emo, and now Would You Miss It? make